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Dear Friends,

     I would like to ask you for any information about Václav Leopold Woseček native of Hořice (Hořitz), a pilot (Seeflugstation Pola-Santa Catarina) of Austro-Hungarian Imperial and Royal Naval Aviation (Kaiserliche und Königliche Seeflugwesen) and Viktor Polanský native of Zďárec (Zdiaretz, Tišnov district), an observer (Fliegerkompanie 45, Fliegerkompanie 53), later pilot of Austrian-Hungarian Air Force (Kaiserliche und Königliche Luftfahrtruppen) and commander of Aerial Company Brno.

     Next I would like to ask you for any information concerning pilots from Tišnovsko (Tišnov region/ Tischnowitz) [map 1] [map 2] [map 3] [map 4], possibly from Hořicko (Hořice region / Hořitz) [map 1] [map 2] [map 3] [map 4] during World War I.

Jan Šafařík

Vážení přátelé,

     chtěl bych Vás poprosit o jakékoliv informace o Václavu Leopoldu Wosečkovi, rodáku z Hořic, pilotu (Seeflugstation Pola-Santa Catarina) Rakousko-uherského námořního letectva (Kaiserliche und Königliche Seeflugwesen) a o Viktoru Polanském, rodáku ze Žďárce, okr. Tišnov, pozorovateli (Fliegerkompanie 45, Fliegerkompanie 53), později pilotu Rakousko-uherského letectva (Kaiserliche und Königliche Luftfahrtruppen) a veliteli Letecké setniny Brno.

     Dále bych Vás poprosil o jakékoliv další informace týkající se letců Tišnovska [mapa 1] [mapa 2] [mapa 3] [mapa 4], případně Hořicka [mapa 1] [mapa 2] [mapa 3] [mapa 4] v době první světové války.

Jan Šafařík

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    Vančata, Pavel: 311 (Czechoslovak) Squadron

    Pavel Vančata: 311 (Czechoslovak) Squadron

    311 Squadron book is a comprehensive resource for those who are interested in Czechoslovak airmen serving in the RAF during the World War Two, particularly in the sole bomber squadron.
    Book contains the unit history in details illustrated by more than 220 B&W photos + 5 rare colour photos - many of them published for the first time ever.
    It will be worth also for the aeroscale modellers as it contains 25 superb colour profiles of 311 Squadron aircraft (Anson, Wellingtons, Liberators) depicting camouflages and markings used.

    The squadron history is completed by following appendixes:

    - map of the United Kingdom showing location of all squadron bases
    - statistics of missions undertaken both with Bomber and Coastal Command
    - list of targets attacked in Germany, Italy and occupied Europe in 1940-42
    - map of attacks on German submarines in the Bay of Biscay in 1942-44
    - serial numbers and individual letter of all squadron Vickers Wellingtons and Consolidated B-24 Liberators
    - squadron Prisoner of War list
    - squadron Roll of Honour list
    - roster of Flying Personnel with brief service record containing ranks, decorations, period of service including also allied airmen known - over 800 names, published for the first time ever
    - details about 311 Squadron crews training

    Format B5, 160 pages in total on glossy paper, 24 in colour

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Vančata, Pavel: Z deníku radiotelegrafisty

    Z deníku radiotelegrafisty

    is in CZECH only and it is covering the complete biography of
    Sgt Pavel Tofel, WOP/AG of No. 311 Squadron, who got killed on 18th August 1942.
    It is believed his Wellington was shot down by Luftwaffe ace Oblt. Stolle from Jagdgeschwader 2 „Richthofen“.

    More details (in Czech only) on the separate page here.
    More information + e-shop on the publisher's website Svět křídel.


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