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Mc Donell Douglas F-4E "Kurnass" Aces

NAME                                  VICTORIES           UNIT             COMMENTS  

Egozy, Shlomo                             8 *             107
Manoff, Roy                               7 *             107              WSO - F-4E
Nahumi, Amir                              6               107
Peled, Eitan                              6               107
Amitay, Itzchak                           6               201              WSO - F-4E
Melnik, Moshe                             6  [5+1]        119
Yavin, Yosef                              4               107              WSO - F-4E
Peri, Ben-Ami                             5               201,105
Katz, Chaim                               5  [4+1]        133,107,119      WSO - F-4E

WSO: Weapon System Officer
*: Five victories in one day.
Mc Donell Douglas F-4E 'Kurnass'
Mc Donell Douglas F-4E "Kurnass"

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