World War II

NAME                                 VICTORIES     UNITS               ARM      COUNTRY      

Burr, Jackie                             2         MSFU                RAF      Great Britain 	
Hay, Al                                  2         MSFU                RAF      South Africa 	
Everett, Robert W. H. 'Bob'              1         804 Sq, FCS Maplin  FAA      Australia 	
Flynn, P. J. R. 'Paddy'                  1         MSFU                RAF      Great Britain 	
Kendall, John                            1         66 Sq, MSFU         RAF      Great Britain 	
Stewart, Jimmy                           1         MSFU                RAF      Great Britain 	
Taylor, Norman                           1         601 Sq, MSFU        RAF      Great Britain

MSFU: Merchant Ship Fighter Unit
FCS: Fighter Catapult Ship
RAF: Royal Air Force
FAA: Fleet Air Arm

The Hawker Sea Hurricane being catapulted from the catapult armed merchant (CAM) ship at Greenock. Note the long flame from the rocket assistors.

A Hurricat - a catapult adapted Hurricane fighter is prepared on the launch rail of a CAM ship in port. The pilot had to be ready to launch at very short notice, whatever the sea conditions. If he was far out at sea he could only expect to ditch the aircraft or parachute out and then hope to be picked up by one of the convoy escorts.

Victories of the Allied Catafighter Pilots  PDF

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