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World War II

United States Army Air Force
NAME                       VICTORIES    UNITS

Pérez, William R., Jr.         1        343rd FS (55th FG, 8th USAAF)


'His claims included 5 trainers of the 16 that were destroyed by gunfire or crash landings on September 5, 1944. There was much confusion over who did what on this mission and for some reason he was only credited with 1.' Frank Birtciel - July 2004.

Lt. William R. Perez Jr.
© F. Birtciel,
1/Lt William R. Pérez Jr., 343rd FS, 8th USAAF

Air-to-Air Victories

Date Time Unit Aircraft Pilot Victim Place
05.09.1944 11:20 343rd FS P-51D Pérez,W.R. Ar 96B N/Goppingen

Biography of 1/Lt William R. Pérez Jr.

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