Syrian Civil War

NAME                                      VICTORIES                      UNIT                COMMENTS

Tremel, Michael                               1                          VFA-87,  CVW-8      1 Su-22M-4        1.
Renken, Jeremy 'Maestro'                      1                          492nd FS, 48th FW    1 Shahed-129 UAV  2. 
unknown (CSO)                                 1                          492nd FS, 48th FW    1 Shahed-129 UAV  2. 
unknown                                       1                          492nd FS, 48th FW    1 UAV             3.
unknown (CSO                                  1                          492nd FS, 48th FW    1 UAV             3.
  1. This aircraft was shot down near Ja-Den, south of Tabqa, at 1843hrs (see Headlines). The Su-22 pilot ejected and suffered only minor injuries and was later returned to Damascus.
  2. This pro-Syrian regime UAV was shot down by a US Air Force 48th Fighter Wing, 492nd Fighter Squadron F-15E close to the Al-Tanf border crossing in Syria after it had fired weapons on a position occupied by Anti-Government Forces.
  3. This armed, pro-Syrian regime UAV was shot down by a USAF 48th Fighter Wing, 492nd Fighter Squadron F-15E over an established combat outpost northeast of Al-Tanf, Syria. The action was taken because the UAV apparently showed hostile intent by advancing on coalition forces in southern Syria.

Air-to-Air Victories

Date Time Unit Aircraft Pilot Weapon Victim Country Place
8. 6. 2017   492nd FS, 48th FW F-15E Renken, J.
unknown (CSO)
  Shahed-129 UAV IIRGCAF near Al-Tanf
18. 6. 2012   VFA-87 / CVW-8 F-18E Tremel, M.   Su-22M-4 827th SQ near Ja-Den, south of Tabqa
20. 6. 2017   492nd FS, 48th FW F-15E unknown
unknown (CSO)
  Shahed-129 UAV IIRGCAF near Al-Tanf

CSO :Combat Systems Officer
IIRGCAF :Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Air Force
SyAAF :Syrian Arab Air Force (القوات الجوية العربية السورية‎, Al Quwwat al-Jawwiyah al Arabiya as-Souriya)
UAV :Unmanned aerial vehicle

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