Cold War Era

NAME                                        CONFIRMED  PROBABLE    UNIT          COMMENTS

Beecroft, Bertram Eric                          1        -         335th FIS     1.
Fulton, Robert K.                               1        -         35th FBS      2.
Laney, Edward V.                                1        -         VF-53         3.  
Middleton, D.                                   1        -         VF-781        4.
Phythyon, Burt C.                               1        -         35th FBS      2.
Salmon, Charles D.                              1        -         335th FIS     5.
Williams, E. R.                                 1        -         VF-781        4.
Williams, George F.                             1        -         335th FIS     5.
Crooks, Richard R.                              0.5      -         VF-54         6.
Tatham, Roy M.                                  0.5      -         VF-54         6.
Damien, John L.                                 0.2      -         VF-54         6.
Ribble, Richard S.                              0.2      -         VF-54         6.
Rochford, John M.                               0.2      -         VF-54         6.
Salsig, Edgar B.                                0.2      -         VC-3          6.
Wahlstrom Paul I.                               0.2      -         VF-54         6.
Dubuy, Henry E.                                 -        1         55th STW      7., gunner
  1. 27 January 1954 A US Air Force RB-45 Tornado flying over the Yellow Sea with an escort of F-86 Sabres was attacked by eight MiG-15 Fagots. One MiG was shot down by USAF pilot Bertram Beecroft. About the same time, a second group of F-86s was fired on by two MiG-15s, but the F-86s evaded the MiG-15s (Lednicer, David: Intrusions, Overflights, Shootdowns and Defections During the Cold War and Thereafter, http://myplace.frontier.com/~anneled/ColdWar.html).
  2. 10 May 1955 Eight US Air Force F-86 Sabres, which had just overflown the air base at Antung in the People's Republic of China, were attacked by twelve PLAAF MiG-15 Fagots. One F-86 Sabre was claimed to be shot down by PLAAF pilot Xizhong Ni at Dagushan in Liaoning. USAF pilots Robert Fulton and Burt Phythyon claimed to have each shot down a PLAAF MiG-15 Fagot on the same day, 50 miles SW of Sinuiju (Lednicer, David: c.d.).
  3. 4 September 1950 A US Navy F4U-4B Corsair of VF-53, piloted by Ensign Edward V. Laney, shot down a Soviet Naval Aviation Douglas A-20 Box over the Yellow Sea, southeast of the Soviet-occupied Port Arthur Naval Base in China and west of the North Korean coast. Laney was one of a four-ship Combat Air Patrol from the carrier USS Valley Forge (part of Task Force 77), which was protecting US Navy air activity against North Korea not long before the Inchon landings. The A-20 was one of two belonging to the Port Arthur-based 36th Mine-Torpedo Aviation Regiment of the Red Banner Pacific Fleet, apparently sent out on an armed reconnaissance mission. A-20s had been supplied in quantity to the Soviets on Lend-Lease during World War 2, and this unit had had extensive experience during the war as torpedo bombers . The Corsairs encountered the two A-20s about 40 nautical miles from the Chinese coast. One A-20 turned back, but the other pressed on. As the Corsairs descended, the top turret gunner on the A-20 was observed to open fire. Richard E. Downs led Laney on a firing pass, and Laney hit the A-20 with his 20mm cannon. The Soviet aircraft then crashed into the sea. The US recovered the body of one Soviet crewman, later identified as that of Genaddiy Mishin, the copilot. The other two bodies, those of Senior Lt. Karpol, the aircraft commander, and Sgt. A. Makaganov, the gunner, were never found. Mishin's body was returned to the Soviets in 1956 (Lednicer, David: c.d.).
  4. 18 November 1952 Four Soviet MiG-15 Fagots intercepted near Vladivostok three US Navy F9F-2 Panthers from the USS Princeton. Soviet pilots Belyakov and Vandalov were shot down in the resulting air combat by US Navy pilot D. Middleton and E.R. Williams. The pilot of a third MiG-15, Pakhomkin, was mortally wounded but managed to make an emergencey landing on the coast (Lednicer, David: c.d.).
  5. 5 February 1955 A US Air Force RB-45 Tornado of the 91st Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron was attacked over the Yellow Sea, 40 miles W of Pyongyang, by two North Korean or Chinese MiG-15 Fagots. An air battle involving eight USAF F-86 Sabres and twelve MiG-15s followed. Two MiGs were shot down by USAF F-86 Sabres flown by Charles Salmon and George Williams, who were escorting the RB-45 (Lednicer, David: c.d.).
  6. 26 July 1954 Two US Navy AD-4 Skyraiders from VF-54, piloted by William Alexander and John Zarious,were launched from the USS Philippine Sea (CVA 47) to look for survivors from the Cathay Pacific DC-4 shot down four days previously. They were attacked by two Chinese La-7 Fins. A number of other VF-54 AD-4 Skyraiders and a F4U-5N Corsair of VC-3 came to the aid of the USN aircraft. One La-7 was shot down by AD-4 pilots Roy Tatham and Richard Crooks. The other LA-7 was shot down by AD-4 pilots John Damien, John Rochford, Paul Wahlstrom and Richard Ribble and the F4U-5N pilot Edgar Salsig. A Chinese gunboat also fired upon the US aircraft, but no damage was sustained (Lednicer, David: c.d.).
  7. 27 April 1965 A US Air Force ERB-47H Stratojet of the 55th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing (43290), was damaged in an attack by two North Korean MiG-17 Frescos over the Sea of Japan. The B-47s tail gunner returned fire, possibly shooting down one MiG-17. The B-47 made an emergency landing at Yokota AB Japan, with two engines inoperative and severe structural damage. The crew of Hobart Mattison, Henry E. Dubuy, Robert J. Rogers, Robert C. Winters, George V. Back and one other crew member, escaped injury (Petz, Roman: Zapomenutý bombardér, in Válka revue, No. 10, 2016; Smíšek, Martin: Stratojety nad Sovětským svazem, 3. díl, in Plastic Planet, No. 2, 2013; Lednicer, David: c.d.).

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