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War in Donbass

NAME                                  VICTORIES                      UNIT             COMMENTS

unknown                                   1                                           1., 1 IAI Searcher UAV      
unknown                                   1                          Dnipro-1         2., 1 "Forpost" UAV      
unknown                                   1                                           3., 1 "Zastava" UAV    
unknown                                   1                                           4., 1 Orlan-10    
unknown                                   1                                           5., 1 Unidentified UAV    
unknown                                   1                                           6., 1 Orlan-10    
unknown                                   1                                           7., 1 Orlan-10    
unknown                                   1                                           8., 1 Eleron-10    

Ground-to-Air Victories

Date Time Unit Aircraft Pilot Weapon Victim Country Place
4. 5. 2015     ~ ~   IAI Searcher UAV Novorossiya Donbass area
21. 5. 2015   Dnipro-1 ~ ~   "Forpost" UAV   near Avdeevka, Donetsk region
22. 7. 2015   SBGS ~ ~   "Zastava" UAV Novorossiya Luhansk region
28. 12. 2017 22:00   ~ ~   Orlan-10   near Kurdyumovka
16. 8. 2018     ~ ~   UAV Russian Armed Forces near Svatovo, Lugansk oblast
13. 10. 2018     Mi-24 unknown   Orlan-10
958 (c/n 20171111005)
Russian Aerospace Forces Lysychansk, in Luhansk Oblast
19. 11. 2018     ~ ~   Orlan-10 Russian Aerospace Forces  
30. 11. 2018     ~ ~ Buk-1M Eleron-10   Vrubivka, Popasna Raion

  1. Ukrainian military shot down in the skies over the Donbas UAV produced by an Israeli company Israel Aerospace Industries. The drone was shot down on May 4 in the sector "B" zone of counter-terrorist operation (ATO) - west of Donetsk, and on Thursday, May 7 pieces of Russian drone transferred to the detailed study of the staff unit "Aerorazvedka Ukraine." For all the details of downed UAVs were found branded plates with inscriptions and production indexes Israel Aerospace Industries ("Ha-ha-Avir Taas le-Yisrael").
  2. May 21, 2015 Russian UAV "Forpost" (Searcher II, tail number 923) crashed near Avdeevka (Donetsk region, Ukraine). The aircraft was shot down by Ukrainian volunteer battalion Dnipro-1.
  3. In Luhansk State Border Service officers shot down an unmanned aircraft of Russian origin. Drone guards noticed 1.5 km from the border with Russia in the direction of the settlement Ushakivka Russian and Ukrainian Herasymivka. To stop collecting data on the locations of Ukrainian military, which has UAV, border guards used firearms.
  4. On December 28 2017, around 22:00, Ukrainian soldiers shot down a Russian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) near the village of Kurdyumovka (Donetsk Oblast).
  5. Ukrainian defence forces stated they shot down reconnaissance UAV near Svatovo, Lugansk oblast. Ukraine Joint Forces released images of the wreckage, although the precise type remains unconfirmed.
  6. While flying over the city of Lysychansk, in Luhansk Oblast, Ukraine, reconnaissance UAV was shot down by a Ukrainian Army Aviation Mi-24 attack helicopter. The shootdown was achieved despite its Russian operators constantly changing the Orlan’s course in an attempt to avoid it being hit. It was found and recovered by Ukrainian forces, and images of it were later released by members of the Ukrainian Joint Forces Operation.
ATO :Anti-Terrorist Operation / Антитерористи́чна опера́ція
IAI :Israel Aerospace Industries / התעשייה האווירית לישראל
SBGS :State border guard service of Ukraine / Державна Прикордонна Служба України.
UAV :Unmanned aerial vehicle.

Tupolev Tu-154M
UAV IAI Searcher.

UAV Forpost
Russian UAV "Forpost".

UAV Zastava
Russian drone “Zastava” aka Israel Bird Eye 400 UAV shot down in Ukraine.

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