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Black Sea Incident

NAME                                      VICTORIES                      UNIT             COMMENTS

unknown                                       1                                           1 Tu-154      

Ground-to-Air Victories

Date Time Unit Aircraft Pilot Weapon Victim Country Place
4. 10. 2001 9:45   ~ ~ S-200V Tu-154M (RA-85693) «Сибирь» Airlines, Russia Black Sea, N 43°11′ E 37°37′

  1. A Sibir Airlines Tu-154M (RA-85693) enroute from Tel Aviv to Novosibirsk as Flight 1812 was shot down by a Ukraine Defence Force surface to air missile. A S-200V missile battery participating in an excercise near the coastal city of Theodosii in the Crimea region fired a 5V28 missile that missed the target drone it was aimed at and homed in on the airliner. The missile exploded above the airliner, causing serious damage that resulted in a decompression of the passenger cabin and a fire. The aircraft entered an uncontrolled descent and crashed into the Black Sea, killing all 66 passengers and 12 crew onboard.

Tupolev Tu-154M
Tupolev Tu-154M, RA-85693, Siberia Airlines.

S-200 Vega.

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