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The Syrian Arab Air Force (القوات الجوية العربية السورية‎ / Al Quwwat al-Jawwiyah al Arabiya as-Souriy)

NAME                            DESTROYED     DAMAGED                      UNIT             COMMENTS

unknown                             1            -                         (*)              1., 1 RF-4ETM Isik
unknown                             1            -                         (*)              2., 1 MQ-1 Predator 
unknown                             1            -                         (*) Mazza AB     3., 1 F-16
unknown                             1            -                         (*)              4., 1 Skylark UAV
unknown                             1            -                         (*)              5., 1 MQ-1 Predator 
unknown                             1            -                         (*)              6., 1 F-16I
unknown                             1            -                         (*)              7., 1 Unidentified UAV
unknown                             1            -                         (*)              8., 1 Il-20, Friendly Fire
unknown                             1            -                         (*)             10., 1 Anka-S UAV
unknown                             1            -                         (*)             11., 1 Anka-S UAV
unknown                             1            -                         (*)             11., 1 Anka-S UAV
unknown                             1            -                         (*)             12., 1 Anka-S UAV
unknown                             1            -                         (*)             13., 1 Bayraktar TB2 UAV
unknown                             1            -                         (*)             14., 1 Anka-S UAV
unknown                             1            -                         (*)             15., 1 Bayraktar TB2 UAV
unknown                             1            -                         (*)             16., 1 Anka-S UAV
unknown                             1            -                         (*)             17., 1 Bayraktar TB2 UAV
unknown                             1            -                         (*)             18., 1 Bayraktar TB2 UAV
unknown                             -            1                         (*)              9., 1 F-15

  1. On 22 June 2012, a Syrian SA-3 SAM site near Latakia shot down Turkish Air Force RF-4ETM Isik reconnaissance fighter serial 77-0314 after it violated Syrian airspace over the Mediterranean Sea. The crew of Capt Gökhan Ertan and Lt Hassan Hüsseyin Aksoy were killed. Turkish RF-4E was shot down by Syrian air defenses while flying a reconnaissance flight near the Turkish-Syrian border
  2. On 17 March 2015, a US MQ-1 Predator drone was shot down by a Syrian Air Defense Force S-125 missile while on intelligence flight near the coastal town of Latakia.
  3. On August 21, 2015 in the early hours, Damascus time, an Israeli US made F-16 fighter-bomber, flew into Syrian airspace brazenly and fired at Brigade 68 and, then, turned and flew back toward Brigade 90 in Qunaytra in order to insure a safe landing in occupied Palestine if the aircraft was struck. It was struck. An SA-9 from the Iftiraas Air Defense Base and an SA-2 near the Khalkhaala AB were fired. But, the technical wizardry was most on display when an S-300 (SA-10 “Grumble) super-air-defense missile was fired from the Republican Guard base near the Mazza AB at the foot of Qaasiyoon Mountain west of Damascus. This was done so that the F-16’s electronic countermeasures would first fix on the SA-2 and SA-9 while the S-300 plowed forward to exterminate the vermin inside the Israeli aircraft. The S-300 vaporized the Israeli bomber. No evidence was seen of the pilot ejecting. Instead, eyewitness accounts described a ball of fire over the Golan and the remains scattering into the air over the Huleh Valley in Palestine.
  4. On 20 March 1917, Syrian Army air defence units shot down Skylark UAV around midnight after it violated Syrian airspace in the southwestern province of Quneitra. A statement by the Syrian military said it was downed near Samadaniyah Sharqiah, close to the border town of al-Quneitra. The loss was also confirmed by the IDF, which acknowledged it had been shot down.
  5. On 22 April 1917, US military MQ-1 Predator was reportedly lost while flying over the coastal Latakia province, Syria. According to local media, US Army officials acknowledged that contact had been lost but could not confirm Turkish media reports that it had been shot down by Syrian air defence units using a Russianmade Pechora-2 surface-to-air missile. Turkish media maintained it had been flying from Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, which has been used for Predator operations in the region for some time.
  6. At 4:30 am on 10 February 2018, an Israeli AH-64 Apache helicopter shot down an Iranian produced copy of the RQ-170 drone (Saegheh (UAV)) near the northern town of Beit Shean. The Iranian drone was sighted taking off from a base in Syria, flew along the Jordanian border, and was intercepted 90 seconds after crossing the Israeli border.
    In response to the sighting of the drone crossing the Israeli border, 8 F-16s of the Israeli air force, struck Tiyas Military Airbase from which the Israeli military said the drone was launched from. The attack prompted a response from the Syrian Air Defense system, which after firing on the Israeli jets, shot down an Israeli F-16 fighter jet over northern Israel, as it flying in high altitude over Israel to verify that missiles fired at the Iranian target hit it. The jet came down near kibbutz Harduf, east of Haifa, and the two pilots operating the plane ejected and were injured, one of them critically.
  7. On 3 August 2018, Syrian Army air defence systems shot down unidentified UAV west of Damascus.
  8. At 18:00 Moscow time on September 17, 2018, RF-93610 and its 15 crew members were assigned to another 12-hour intelligence gathering mission to monitor radio and electronic transmissions and signatures of NATO and Israeli naval warships over the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. But at 22:07, while they were fl ying within 35km of the Syrian coast over the Mediterranean Sea, an S-200 surface-to-air missile launched by the Syrian Arab Air Defence Force shot the Il-20M down with the loss of all crew members on board.
    Minutes before the accident, four Israeli Air Force F-16I Sufas from Ramon Air Base had carried out air strikes on four sites; an airfi eld, a Syrian Ministry of Defence aluminium factory, a military base and an oil storage facility. The strikes involved GBU-39 small diameter bombs and resulted in heavy explosions to the west of Latakia and near Tartus.
    Simultaneously during the airstrikes, other Israeli Air Force aircraft operating in the area employed electronic countermeasures to protect themselves from a huge number of SA-2, S-200 and Buk M2 surface-to-air missiles, which were being launched at them repeatedly. The heavy jamming in the area confused the Syrian Air Defence Force S-200 surface-to-air missile site, which led to the launch of a S-200 missile at the Russian Air Force Il-20M, which was mistaken as an Israeli aircraft.
    The following day, Russia’s Ministry of Defence released an o cial statement blaming Israel for the tragic accident. Russia’s Minister of Defence Sergei Shoigu claimed the four Israeli F-16Is took advantage of the Il-20M’s presence in the area and masked themselves behind the aircraft on their return to Israel.
    Crew: Сергей Гаврютин, Константин Назаров, Александр Вечернин, Тимофей Баранов, Павел Ткаченко, Александр Бурлака, Григорий Зиновьев, Денис Гордов, Роман Долматов, Виктор Квасенков, Алексей Седунов, Владимир Яковлев, Алексей Арзуманов, Андрей Сергеенков.
  9. Additionally to the downed F-16I of the Israeli Air Force, at least one Israeli F-15 warplane was damaged by a Syrian missile and was forced to make an emergency landing on February 10, the Al Arabiya TV network reported citing own sources. According to unconfirmed report, in total 3 Israeli warplanes were damaged additionally to the F-16 which was downed by the Syrian forces earlier on February 10.
  10. On 25 February 2020, a Turkish Army UAV was downed by Syrian Armed Forces in Dadekh, Idlib Governorate. The Syrian Arab News Agency reported the aircraft infiltrated in Syrian Airspace and was intercepted. Released footage showed that the downed drone was a TAI Anka.
  11. 29 February 2020. Both of these UAVs were shot down by the Syrian Arab Army with Pantsir-S1 surface-toair missile systems over Idlib, Syria. Although the type is unconfirmed, both are believed to have been Anka-S UAVs.
  12. 1 March 2020. This armed UAV was attempting to target Hama air base, Syria, when it was shot down over Saraqib by Syrian Air Defence Forces using a man-portable air defence system (MANPADS).
  13. 2 March 2020. This UAV was shot down over Idlib, Syria.
  14. 3 March 2020. A man-portable air defence system was used by the Syrian Arab Army to shoot down this UAV over Saraqib, Idlib, Syria.
  15. 3 March 2020. One of six of these UAVs supporting fighting in Idlib, Syria, was destroyed after being shot down by the Syrian Arab Army. The drones had been deployed from Batman, Turkey, to Hatay, close to the border with Syria, since February.
  16. 4 March 2020. This UAV was shot down by the Syrian Arab Army over the countryside near Idlib, Syria, during the evening. It was reported to be the tenth Turkish UAV downed over Syria within a space of 72 hours.
  17. 7 March 2020. This Bayraktar TB2 UAV (Turkish Air Force / 14th Unmanned Aircraft Systems Base Command / 2nd UAV Squadron) was destroyed when it crashed and caught fire in an open area in Syria after taking off from Batman air base in the southeastern Anatolia region of Turkey, which borders northern Syria. It is unknown whether it was shot down or had a technical failure, but Turkish sources reported that the latter was the suspected cause.
  18. 23 August 2020. This UAV was destroyed when it was shot down over Syria by the Syrian Arab Army. The location was not reported.

Ground-to-Air Victories

Date Time Unit Crew Weapon Victim Country Place
22. 06. 2012 11:58   unknown S-200(*) RF-4ETM Isik TuAF sea, 10km from the village of Om al-Tuyour
17. 03. 2015     unknown S-125(*) MQ-1 Predator USAF near the coastal town of Latakia, Syria
21. 08. 2015     unknown S-300(*) F-16 IDF/AF over Quneitra, Syria
20. 03. 2017     unknown (*) Skylark UAV IDF/AF near Samadaniyah Sharqiah, Syria
22. 04. 2017     unknown Pechora-2(*) MQ-1 Predator US over the coastal Latakia province, Syria
10. 02. 2018     unknown S-200(*) F-16I IDF/AF Jezreel Valley
10. 02. 2018     unknown   F-15, damaged IDF/AF  
03. 08. 2018     unknown (*) UAV IDF/AF west of Damascus
17. 09. 2018     unknown S-200(*) Il-20ME, FF
RuAF 35km of the Syrian coast over the Mediterranean Sea
25. 02. 2020     unknown Pantsir-S1(*) Anka-S UAV 302 Filo, TuAF over Dadikh, Idlib district
29. 02. 2020     unknown Pantsir-S1(*) Anka-S UAV 302 Filo, TuAF over Idlib
29. 02. 2020     unknown Pantsir-S1(*) Anka-S UAV 302 Filo, TuAF over Idlib
01. 03. 2020     unknown MANPADS(*) Anka-S UAV TuAF over Saraqib
02. 03. 2020     unknown   Bayraktar TB2 UAV
c/n 00-0108
TuAA over Idlib
03. 03. 2020     unknown MANPADS(*) Anka-S UAV 302 Filo, TuAF over Saraqib
03. 03. 2020     unknown   Bayraktar TB2 UAV TuAA over Idlib
04. 03. 2020     unknown   Anka-S UAV 302 Filo, TuAF countryside near Idlib
07. 03. 2020     unknown   Bayraktar TB2 UAV TuAF over Idlib
23. 08. 2020     unknown   Bayraktar TB2 UAV TuAF Syria

(*):Anti-Aircraft Artillery
FF :Friendly Fire
IDF :Israeli Defense Force
IDF/AF :Israeli Defense Force / Air Force (זְרוֹעַ הָאֲוִיר וְהֶחָלָל / Zroa HaAvir VeHahalal)
MANPADS:Man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADS or MPADS) are portable surface-to-air missiles
Pantsir-S1 :Панцирь-С1, NATO reporting name SA-22 Greyhound. Russian missile system is a family of self-propelled, medium-range surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery systems.
RuAF :Russian Air Force (Военно-воздушные cилы России)
S-125 :С-125 «Нева» / «Печора», NATO reporting name SA-3 Goa, Soviet surface-to-air missile system was designed by Aleksei Mihailovich Isaev to complement the S-25 and S-75.
S-200 :С-200, NATO reporting name SA-5 Gammon, is a very long range, medium-to-high altitude surface-to-air missile (SAM) system designed in the 1960s to defend large areas from bomber attack or other strategic aircraft
S-300 :С-300 «Фаворит», NATO reporting name SA-10 Grumble, is a series of initially Soviet and later Russian long range surface-to-air missile systems produced by NPO Almaz
TuAA :Turkish Army Aviation
TuAF :Turkish Air Force (Türk Hava Kuvvetler)
UAV :Unmanned aerial vehicle

С-125 «Нева» / SA-3 Goa.

С-200 «Ангара»/«Вега»/«Дубна» / SA-5 Gammon.

С-300 «Фаворит» / SA-10 Grumble.

McDonnell Douglas RF-4E Phantom II , Turkish Air Force (Türk Hava Kuvvetler).

General Dynamics F-16 , Israel Air and Space Force (זרוע האויר והחלל / Zroa HaAvir VeHaḤalal).

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