World War I

French Air Service - Aeronautique Militaire Francaise
NAME                    CONFIRMED  UNCONFIRMED    UNITS           COMMENTS

De Ram, Georges             4  [3+1]    1         MF 8, N 23,     gunner

Imperial German Military Air Service - Fliegertruppe / Luftstreitkräfte
NAME                    CONFIRMED  UNCONFIRMED    UNITS           COMMENTS

Hesselink, Johann           1           1         FA57, J33, J39

FA :Flieger Abteilung - Flying unit/section.
J :Jasta.

Air-to-Air Victories

Date Time Unit Pilot Victim Place
25.05.1917 14:00 J33 Hesselink,J. Spad (a) Quémappe
27.05.1917 07:30 J33 Hesselink,J. Pup (b) SE Hamblain
(a)Unconfirmed victory.
(b)Confirmed victory. Possibly A7340, No 66 Squadron, RFC, Lt S. S. Hume, POW.

Sources & Literature
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