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World War II

NAME                       DESTROYED  DAMAGED   UNIT                         AIRFORCE

Pujji, Mohinder Singh          2         3      253,43 Sq. RAF; 4,6 Sq. IAF  RAF, IAF
Reddy, Dodla Ranga             1         -      6 Sq. IAF                    IAF
Verma, Jagdish Chandra         1         -      6 Sq. IAF                    IAF
  • For many years, IAF histories have taken the position that Fg Off JC Verma’s victory over an IJAAF Oscar on 15 February 1944, was the only air-to-air victory by an IAF pilot during World War Two.
  • Pujji's words: "I was posted to No. 253 Squadron RAF, flying Hurricane IIB fighters from RAF Kenley, which is a couple of miles south of Croydon. We were a mixed bunch, with pilots also from Poland, America, Canada and Australia. Equipped with twelve machine guns, our Hurricanes were extensively flown day and night, to intercept German bombers and reconnaissance aircraft.
    I was later attached with No.43 Squadron, flying Hurricanes from Martlesham, the RAF fighter Squadrons being switched from base to base every few weeks, but remaining in the Greater London area. Later, we converted to the Spitfire Mk.V and I was promoted to Flight Commander. Our operational task now included fighter sweeps over occupied Europe and we made low-level attacks on enemy targets when we were not required to provide fighter escort to RAF bombers. During these operations, I was involved in many dog fights with Luftwaffe fighters and my total tally was two Messerschmitt Me 109s confirmed as shot down and three damaged".
  • IAF : Indian Air Force / Bharatiya Vayu Sena / भारतीय वायु सेना
  • RAF : Royal Air Force

Air-to-Air Victories

Date Unit Aircraft Pilot Victim Country
8 Feb 1944 6 Sq IAF Hurricane Mk.IIC Reddy, D. R. Ki-43 IJAAF
15 Feb 1944 6 Sq IAF Hurricane Mk.IIC Verma, J. C. Ki-43 IJAAF

No. 43 Squadron Crest No. 6 Squadron Crest
No. 43 Squadron 'The Fighting Cocks' Crest
Sada Satark - Always Alert
No. 6 Squadron 'Dragons' Crest
Sada Satark - Always Alert
Jagdish Chandra Verma
Flying Officer Jagdish Chandra Verma being awarded the DFC by Air Vice Marshal Taylor.
Mohinder Singh Pujji Dodla Ranga Reddy
Squadron Leader
Mahindra Singh Pujji
Flying Officer
Dodla Ranga Reddy
Mohinder Singh Pujji
Fg Offr Mahendra Singh Pujji DFC in the cockpit of his Hawker Hurricane named 'Amrit' after his fiancee.
Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIC
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Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIC, Indian Air Force.

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