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Friendly Fire Incidents

NAME                       VICTORIES    UNIT                COMMENTS

Valasek, M.                    1        RAF                 
unknown                        1        92 Squadron RAF     1.
  1. British Jaguar GR.1 (XX963/AL) from 14 Squadron was shot down 35 mile's north east of Bruggen, West Germany by a sidewinder missile accidentally fired by an RAF Phantom on 25th May 1982. Flt. Lt. D. S. Griggs ejected.

Air-to-Air Victories

Date Unit Aircraft Pilot Weapon Victim Country
Mid 1970s RAF Lightning F.2A Valasek,M.   Harrier GR.Mk.3 RAF
25 May 1982 92Sqn/RAF Phantom FGR.2
  AIM-9L Jaguar GR.MK.1
Flt.Lt. D.S. Griggs
(35nm NE of Brüggen)

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