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World War I

Imperial Russian Air Force - Императорскiй военно-воздушный флотъ
NAME                                          VICTORIES                  COMMENTS

Majhlapuu, Jaan M.  (Machlapu)                    5                      1.  [5]
Meos, Edgar Ivanovič                              ?    (+1 balloon)          [4+4]

  1. Jaan M. Majhlapuu is sometimes credited with five victories (e.g.Franks, Norman - Guest, Russell - Alegi, Gregory: Above The War Fronts (A Complete Record of The British Two-Seater Bomber Pilot And Observer Aces, The British Two-Seater Fighter Observer Aces, And The Belgian, Italian, Austro-Hungarian And Russian Fighter Aces 1914-1918), Grub Street 1997) or six victories (e.g. Asy Rossijskoj Imperii,

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