Cold War

NAME                                     VICTORIES       UNIT          AIRFORCE

Perés, Lorenzo Alberto                       2 *         231 C. DAAFAR
del Pino Diaz, Rafael                        1 ** Caza   DAAFAR
*... In the action participated a MiG-23UB piloted by the colonel lieutenant Francisco Perez Peréz, and the MiG-29UB of the too colonel lieutenant Alberto Peréz (brother of Francisco). The MiG-23UB served as radio delay between the ground radar controllers, while the MiG-29UB shoot down the two airplanes with R-60M missiles. The reports that that MiG-23 shoot down one of the Cessna-337 are not correct.
(Mikoyan Gurievich MiG-23 Flogger,
**... +1 victory during Bay of Pig episode.
DAAFAR... Defensa Antiaerea y Fuerza Aérea Revolucionaria (Cuban Revolitionary Air Force)


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Victories of the Fighter Pilots During 1961 - 1996


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