Brazilian Constitutionalist Revolution 1932

NAME                                     VICTORIES                 AIRFORCE

Rodriguez, Lysios Augusto                    1                     Aviacao Constitucionalistas
Pereira, Abilino                             1                     Aviacao Constitucionalistas

Air-to-Air Victories

Date Unit Aircraft Pilot Victim e/a Unit
08.08.1932 Aviacao Constitucionalistas Potez 25 TOE
(A-212, c/n 1819)
L. A. Rodriguez
A. Pereira (*)
Potez 25 TOE
(A-177, c/n 1832)
Grupo Misto de Aviacao Paulista
(*) ... gunner

Potez 25TOE

This is a reconstruction of one of two Potez 25 TOEs operated by the Paulistas. The aircraft became known as the ‘Nosso Potez’ (‘Our Potez’) and shot down Federal Potez A-117 before crashing on 21 or 23 September. Its number plate A-212 was hidden under the Paulista white band.
(Artwork by Luca Canossa)

Potez 25TOE
Six Potez 25 TOEs were deployed by the Federals as bombers. This one, registered as A-117, was the only one shot down in air combat during the Paulista War, and was also the first aircraft ever shot down in air combat in all of Latin America.
(Artwork by Luca Canossa)

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