Men of the Battle of Britain

Pilots and aircrew, British, Commonwealth and Allied,
who flew with Royal Air Force Fighter Command
July 10 to October 31, 1940
Battle of Britain


Rank Name RAF No. Aircrew Category Squadron Nationality
WCBeamish, Francis Victor16089Pilot151 & 249 SquadronsIrish
POConsidine, Brian Bertram79728Pilot238 SquadronIrish
FLEdwards, Robert Sydney James33242Pilot56 SquadronIrish
FOFinucane, Brendan Eamonn Fergus41276Pilot65 SquadronIrish
POGrogan, George Jacques42972Air Gunner23 SquadronIrish
SLHarkness, Hill29208Pilot257 SquadronIrish
FOHemingway, John Allman40702Pilot85 SquadronIrish
FLIevers, Norman Lancelot37812Pilot312 SquadronIrish
FOKilmartin, John Ignatius39793Pilot43 SquadronIrish
POMcConnell, William Winder81643Pilot245, 32 & 607 SquadronsIrish


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